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Skid Steer Cement Hog | EZ Grout

Skid Steer Cement Hog | EZ Grout

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742.00 LBS
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Cement Hog Skid Steer Concrete Dispenser

The Fencer’s Cement Hog is a cement delivery system. Simply pour the cement from a ready mix truck into the hopper and drive along the fence line while dispensing just the right amount of cement needed in minutes. Save hours of shoveling. Compact and easy to operate, the Cement Hog comes available in two different sizes/models and can dispense wet or dry materials, including sand.

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  • Select 1/2 Cubic Yard Capacity or 1 Cubic Yard Capacity

The Fencer’s Cement Hog was designed to mount on either side of a skid steer, allowing the operator to dispense from both the left or the right on either side of the fence.  Modified unit for use with a skid steer loader or small forklift.


  • One-half cubic yard maximum capacity or 1 full cubic yard maximum capacity
  • Hooks to auxiliary hydraulics on your loader or forklift
  • Delivers up to one-inch aggregate
  • Unloads one-half cubic yard in two minutes 
  • Delivers wet or dry materials – even dry sand
  • 10” discharge tube with 7-1/2” auger
Weight (1/2 | 1):
742 lbs | 1050 lbs
Gross Weight (1/2 | 1):
2790 lbs | 5050 lbs
Width (1/2 | 1):
75" | 76"
Depth (1/2 | 1):
41" | 48"
Height (1/2 | 1):
33" | 34"
Flow Range Required (Min.):
8 GPM @ 2000 PSI
Max Pressure:
3500 PSI
3/8" - 3500 PSI
Volume (1/2 | 1):
101 Gallons | 202 Gallons
Capacity (1/2 | 1):
13.5 Cu. Ft. | 27 Cu. Ft.
Variable Auger Pitch:
7 1/2"
OD Discharge w/8 ft. Flexible Hose (1/2 | 1):
Auger Tube (1/2 | 1):
steel surcharge:

Product Videos

Fencer's Mobile Cement Hog 02:50
  • Fencer's Mobile Cement Hog
    Many homeowners are choosing to take the DIY approach these days! Which is Great! However, if you decide the job is too big or you just don’t want the hassle, the professionals at R&S Fence can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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