HSL60 Standard Flow Skid Steer Mulcher | Promac - Demo Unit

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Was: $36,125.00
Now: $32,173.00

A surcharge of $ is included to off-set the rising costs of steel | Learn more

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SKU: CL0046-PM-HSL60
Was: $36,125.00
Now: $32,173.00

A surcharge of $ is included to off-set the rising costs of steel | Learn more

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SKU: CL0046-PM-HSL60
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The carbon steel market is poised to grow by 699.35 MT during 2020-2024 progressing at a CAGR of almost 8% during the forecast period." (Source: Business Wire)

This is what we are seeing all across the industry; day after day new emails from vendor's telling us that their prices are rising, every order we make for materials needs to be revised because the last price is no longer valid, and for good reason. The cost of steel materials has been steadily increasing throughout 2020, and it unfortunately has not slowed into 2021. The reduced capacities of companies in this industry due to Covid-19 health and safety regulations continues to have an impact. As a result, we are forced to increase our list pricing for 2021 and add a steel surcharge to off-set the rising costs that is projected to continue this year. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have on our close and prospective customers. We we will do what we can to keep our prices low when the opportunities are found, but right now we are left with little options.

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Product overview

Promac Standard Flow Skid Steer Mulcher


Demo Unit for Promac's HSL60 Skid Steer Standard Flow Mulcher, has 5 hours of used demo time. All cosmetic damage (paint chipping etc.) is shown in the photos. Take advantage of this 5% discount on a like new unit!


This mulcher attachment is suitable for a variety of land clearing applications and runs on skid steers with flow ranges from 20-35 GPM (For high flow machines - see the HSM60). The HSL series is equipped with Promac's sharp tooling Chip Production Rotor, which produces a small and even mulch and maintains ideal drum speed throughout operation. The attachment’s compact high strength design and light weight offers excellent visibility and maneuverability, making this a great option for operators with smaller machines (70-95 HP). Multiple tooling configurations available. 6" continuous mulching capacity. 


The HSL60 uses high strength steel (QT100 - 3x strength of normal steel) throughout the frame and all structural components of the attachment. A 1/4" AR400 replaceable wear liner and welded on AR400 skid shoes protect the attachment from wear. Replaceable segmented rear anvil absorbs the impact of material being sucked between the drum and the wear liner, and prevents large objects from jamming the drum. A replaceable chain that aids in controlling material expulsion.

Promac uses a 55 Rexroth Variable Torque Motor to achieve ideal torque and speeds on standard flow machines. The motor powers a reliable and industry standard cog belt drive. 

Tooling options

Beaver (Quad Style) Teeth - This the most economical tooling option, as the beaver teeth are cheaper to replace. These teeth can be rotated to get the most life out of them, and are seen commonly throughout the industry. These teeth also take less of a bite than the chipper teeth and are therefore slightly less productive but great for maintaining drum speed on lower flow machines.

Chipper Teeth - These can be sharpened, reversed, and replaced easily. They are extremely efficient at mulching wood and last between 40-100 hours per side depending on conditions (They deteriorate quickly in rocky conditions). 

Double Carbide TeethPromac's Double Carbide Teeth are not efficient at mulching and cannot be sharpened, but they are extremely tough, lasting up to 500 hrs and holding up much better in rocky conditions. 

Combo Configurations - The outer teeth on the drum are generally more exposed to rocks and dirt, and do less actual mulching than the center of the drum. For this reason Promac and Skid Steer Solutions recommend choosing one of our Combo tooth configurations. You can choose either Chipper or Beaver teeth, and the outer 3 rows (12 total teeth) will be replaced with Double Carbide teeth for improved durability

Need extra teeth? Add on a full or half set of any style tooth in the product options above or shop individual teeth below.

Shop Chipper Style Teeth

Shop Beaver Style Teeth

Shop Double Carbide Style Teeth


The motor and drive are easily accessible by removing the cover. Promac also incorporates an over pressure protection that indicates when you have a blocked case drain so the operator can deal with it before you have a failed case. 


A hydraulic drum brake is an option (+$925) for safety-focused operators: The brake brings the drum to a rapid stop (20 seconds or less) to protect the operator and other workers in case of emergency.


  • High strength QT100 steel construction
  • 6" mulching capacity
  • 60" cut width
  • Wear liner and skid shoes for attachment protection/durability
  • 55 Rexrother Variable Torque Motor
  • Multiple tooling configuration options
  • Easy maintenance and accessibility
  • Designed for standard flow machines
  • Drum Brake System option

 What's Included? 

  • Standard Flow Skid Steer Mulcher
  • Universal Skid Steer mounting plate
  • Flat faced couplers
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Owner's manual
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