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Diggalign Auger Alignment System | Digga

Diggalign Auger Alignment System | Digga

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Diggalign Auger Alignment System (Inclinometer)

The Diggalign Inclinometer was developed for contractors where drilling accuracy is key. Ideal for drilling, screw piling & core barrelling applications. Designed to show the operator when the top of the pylon/pile/auger is off plumb, this accessory helps to maintain and ensure accuracy throughout the installation. 

When the auger is plumb (vertical) the large light in the middle of the target will light up, if you are off slightly in a certain direction, those lights will indicate accordingly. For example, if the auger pilot was farther forward (away from the machine) than the drilling drive, the light above the center would light up. It is very simple and intuitive.


  • Standard Definition (2 degree increments) - recommended for augers/piles under 13ft
  • High Definition (0.5 degree increments) - recommended for augers/piles over 13ft


  • Can be retrofitted to existing drives
  • Suits all machinery with a variety of harness lengths
  • Increased job site efficiency
  • Can be calibrated for angles up to 20°
  • Highlights misalignment forward and aft and left to right
  • Dual supply cable with both 12V and 24V
Standard Def Increments:
2 Degree
High Def Increments:
0.5 Degree
Harness Length Options:
3M, 6M, 12M, 15M
Steel Surcharge:

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