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Cyclone 48" Excavator Rotary Brush Cutter | Eterra

Cyclone 48" Excavator Rotary Brush Cutter | Eterra

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685.00 LBS
Built to Order

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Eterra Cyclone 48" Excavator Rotary Brush Cutter

Designed for excavators of 8500 lbs. to 30,000 lbs (for larger machines see the Cyclone 60" Brush Cutter) the Cyclone 48" Brush Cutter operates efficiently on excavators with hydraulic flows from 12 - 45 GPM. With cutting capacities up to 6+ inch material, this mower can take anything you throw at it. Click Here for Skid Steer Boom Mounted Version.

A lot of effort has gone into using the right materials to make this mower lighter than other mowers in its class (685 lb without coupler). With the lower weight and tough construction, you can easily work side hills and not fear that you might tip your machine over. Eterra uses top quality materials and innovative design to ensure you have a mower that will handle difficult jobs today, and last for years to come. Skid Steer Solutions, Inc. backs this up with with a no hassle, 1 year warranty that leads the industry.

All excavator mounted Cyclone 48" Mowers come equipped with 1/2" Flat Face Couplers.

Select Product Options Above

  • Select Flow Range
    • For most excavators, please select based on the flow range listed, and not the MAX flow.
    • Only select based on the MAX flow if your excavator loses auxiliary hydraulic flow when moving the arm. Your flow should NEVER exceed this MAX rating.
    • If you are unsure of your auxiliary flow rating, or whether your machine loses flow when moving the arm, please consult your excavator dealer.
  • Select Case Drain – 3/8” Flat Face Coupler – Female or Male
    • Optional for machines flowing 25 GPM and under as long as you are running the mower on a one way flow/breaker circuit. If this is the case select NONE.
    • Mandatory for 26+ GPM flow. You cannot select none for flow ranges exceeding 26 GPM
  • Excavator Coupler
    • If you need a coupler that isn't listed, select "Other Coupler" and we will contact you (price and warranty may vary)
    • If you want to build your own coupler, select "None / Build Your Own" and we will contact you (price and warranty may vary)

Blank Mounting Adapter

This clamp on adapter provides Eterra Mowers with seamless mounting to your Excavator's coupler. The adapter is included with purchase. 

Key Features and Benefits

All drive systems used in Eterra mowing and clearing products have been proven strong and reliable. They use premium Permco USA motors and a 9 lb. blade which is one of the heaviest in its class. The 1" thick T1 grain controlled steel blade bar design allows for heavy and continuous use, dynamic balancing, and moderate mulching capability.

Most of the competitors models use a brush hog style blade which is just a small grass cutting knife. It is not a chopping blade meant for heavy material.

Eterra's welding and machining is exceptional. The blade bar and blades are electronically balanced for the most efficient operation and longest operating life in its class. This is a product designed to put the pride back into "Made in America". 

The Eterra Cutter System 

Eterra mowers use a direct drive spindle hub which is the same hub used on the Typhoon Skid Steer Clearing Mower. Eterra does this to insure maximum impact strength when clearing heavy material. Operator safety comes first to Eterra and a reliable drive system that will never come apart is a priority. Eterra takes the safety of their mowers to another level by insisting all of the steel, machining, and drive systems are USA manufactured.


The Cyclone uses removable gates on the front and rear of the cutter so you can remove them for heavy brush clearing when you need to but still easily install them when you are in areas that you want to minimize the amount of material being ejected from the cutter. Eterra is the only manufacturer on the market that does this.

Testimonial From the Owner of Eterra Attachments

"Why are Eterra Mowers more expensive than some? You will see some mowers are less expensive than these and what you will get is a simple box with no design at all. This box has a small drive system with brush hog style blades installed. Many of these drive systems consist of a 90 degree gear box originating in China or India. This is done so the manufacturer can use a smaller motor and step up the power. This is definitely not what we are selling here. Their's are toys while Eterra products are machines built to do serious work."

685 lbs.
Cutting Path Width:
Overall Width:
Drive System:
Direct Drive
Skid Shoes:
AR500 (Replaceable)
Hydraulic Hoses:
85" with 1/2" Flat Faced Couplers
Cutting Capacity:
Up to 6"
2 x 9 lb. Forged
Hydraulic Flow Requirement:
12-45 GPM @ 3000 PSI
Cutter Shaft Rotation Speed:
1300 - 1500 RPM
Deck Thickness:
Structural 1/4" with 1/2" Gussett Reinforcement
Deck Material:
Structural Steel - Laser Cut - CNC Formed
Drive Spindle:
Precision CNC Machined 4140 Heat Treated
Permco Gear Drive
Blade Bar:
1" Thick T1 - Flame Cut, Grain Direction Controlled, CNC Machined
Where's it Made?:
Bellingham, Washington, USA
Weight with Excavator Mount:
803 lbs
Steel Surcharge:

Product Videos

Cyclone 48" Excavator Rotary Brush Cutter Demo | Eterra 02:08
  • Cyclone 48" Excavator Rotary Brush Cutter Demo | Eterra
    The Cyclone 48" Brush Cutter from Eterra for mini or full size excavators is ideal for clearing brush from road sides, driveways, ditches, and more. Designed for excavators between 8,500 and 20,000 lbs, it easily cuts material up to 6" in diameter with its two 9lb forged steel blades reaching speeds of 1500 rpms. We take out a tree much larger than 6" at the end of this demo.

Skid Steer Solutions LLC relies on trusted manufacturers to supply and support the products sold on or its representatives. The majority of attachment products for sale come with a manufacturer represented warranty against manufacturing defects for at least a 12 month period after the date of sale. Items sold as "demo", "return", "resale", "prototype", or "closeout" are generally not covered by warranty. Please see each manufacturer's limited warranty on our Warranty Page .

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