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Timberwolf Forestry Grapple Tree Shear Attachment | Dymax

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Timberwolf Forestry Grapple Tree Shear Attachment | Dymax

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Dymax Timberwolf Forestry Grapple Tree Shear Attachment

The 14" Timberwolf Forestry Tree Shears from Dymax are an industrial-grade, heavy-duty model of Tree Shear Attachment for Skid Steer Loaders, outfitted with an extremely strong grapple mechanism for securing and transporting trees. Dymax specializes in forestry applications, and their attachments are built for serious work and continuous use. Trusted by industry professionals all over the globe, the Timberwolf Forestry Tree Shears feature a large cutting capacity and solid cast, sharp, 3/4" AR400 milled knife edges, designed to provide a clean and consistent cut day-in and day-out. The larger lines, reduced pressure loss, and larger rod diameter of these shears provides operators increased shear speed, and the highest shearing power ratio available.

The Grapple mechanism on these Tree Shears features solid construction and a rigid arm that reduces vertical movement when securing and transporting sheared trees. The Bunching Grapple model with Accumulator Arm gives operators the option of shearing one tree, holding it in place with the accumulator arm, and then shearing additional smaller diameter trees, allowing for the shearing and removal of a large bunch of trees without interruption.

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  • Standard Grapple and Grapple Bunching Models available
  • Bunching Model features the addition of an accumulator arm
  • Bunching Model allows operator to shear a tree and hold it in place while shearing and bunching additional trees
  • 14" Tree Shear cutting capacity
  • Designed for heavy application and continuous use - for serious forestry work
  • High strength steel shear arms with blade stop mechanism
  • Dual grapple arms secure tree prior to cutting
  • Sharp, 3/4" AR400 milled knife edges, single bevel, solid cast to provide a strong and clean cut
  • Simple and easy blade adjustment and replacement
  • Larger lines, reduced pressure loss and larger rod diameters for better performance
  • Hoses and cylinders are internally protected
  • Extremely powerful and efficient sharing power ratio


  • Flow Rating: 15-30 GPM
  • Max Pressure: 3,000 PSI
  • Shear Width: 72"
  • Overall Depth: 64"
  • Blade Material: 3/4" AR400 Milled Knife Edges
  • Standard Model Height: 58"
  • Standard Model Weight: 2,150 Pounds
  • Bunching Model Height: 66"
  • Bunching Model Weight: 2,250 Pounds
  • Cylinder Barrel: 5"
  • Cylinder Rod: 3"
Flow Rating:
15-30 GPM
Max Pressure:
3,000 PSI
Shear Width:
Overall Depth:
Blade Material:
3/4" AR400 Milled Knife Edges
Standard Model Height:
Standard Model Weight:
2,150 Pounds
Bunching Model Height:
Bunching Model Weight:
2,250 Pounds
Cylinder Barrel:
Cylinder Rod:

Product Videos

Felling Head Timberwolf Tree Shear 01:11
  • Felling Head Timberwolf Tree Shear
    Felling Head Timberwolf Tree Shear for skid steer loaders From: DYMAX Website: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video available at: Site:
  • Dymax Excavator Tree Shear in Action
    See the Dymax Excavator Tree Shear in action, clearing trees in Indonesia.

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