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Skid Steer Pickup Broom Attachment | Blue Diamond

Skid Steer Pickup Broom Attachment | Blue Diamond

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945.00 LBS
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Blue Diamond Skid Steer Pickup Broom Attachment

Blue Diamond presents a premium and commercial-grade Pickup Broom Attachment, ideal for heavy commercial use and roadwork. Engineered to excel in even the toughest applications, the Pickup Broom features added structure and reinforced edges in typical wear areas, making this attachment extremely reliable and durable. Optional water tank has been designed low-profile to aid in visibility during operation, and optional gutter brush addition provides heavy-duty cleanup. A bolt-on 3/4" double bevel edge protects the weld-edge and adds additional strength to the leading edge of the bucket. Available in four, heavy-duty sizes to suit any application, the clean design of the Blue Diamond Pickup Broom allows for fast and effective material collection and cleanup, with dumping of debris a breeze. 

A substantial offering from Blue Diamond, every detail of this Pickup Broom has been researched, tested, and improved to ensure it can withstand even the toughest work and provide reliable operation even under heavy commercial use. Examine the features and details of this pick-up broom, from the substantial cutting edge, to the optimized design of the water kit, and you can be sure this is a Pickup Broom Attachment you can trust.

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  • Select Optional 40 Gallon Pressurized Water System
  • Select Optional Gutter Brush Addition
  • Hoses and Couplers included with purchase


  • Built tough for commercial-grade construction and roadwork
  • 26" diameter wire/poly mix brush
  • 1 1/2" x 7" zinc height adjustment pins with 4 positions
  • Bolt-on 3/4" double bevel edge protects welds and leading edge of bucket from wear
  • Wide cleanup path
  • Easy clean and dumb of accumulated debris
  • Heavily reinforced bucket bottom
  • Bolt-on rubber skirting to contain debris
  • Heavy-duty dump stops
  • Grease fittings on all pivot points and bearings
  • Steps mounted on back of attachment for easy entering and exiting of machine
  • Protected pump assembly
  • Optional water kit is low profile to aid in visibility
  • Mounts for gutter brush included
Flow Rating:
15 - 25 GPM
60 Weight:
995 lbs."
60 Wafer Count:
15 Wire / 16 Poly"
60 Total Wafers:
72 Weight:
1125 lbs."
72 Wafer Count:
18 Wire / 19 Poly"
72 Total Wafers:
84 Weight:
1300 lbs."
84 Wafer Count:
21 Wire / 22 Poly"
84 Total Wafers:
96 Weight:
1450 lbs."
96 Wafer Count:
24 Wire / 25 Poly"
96 Total Wafers:
Steel Surcharge:

Product Videos

Skid Steer Pickup Broom : Blue Diamond Attachments 01:52
  • Skid Steer Pickup Broom : Blue Diamond Attachments
    The Blue Diamond pickup broom is designed for heavy commercial use. Years of market research lead to this premium broom that will stand up to the rigors of the roadwork industry as well as hold up in rental applications. This simple, clean design gives added structure to typical wear areas and damage prone components such as a built in water kit, and heavy reinforcement on the front of the broom shroud. The low profile water tank allows the operator better visibility of the work area thereby reducing accidents. The 26” diameter poly or poly/ steel broom is available in 60”, 72”, 84” and a 96” width. A bolt on ¾” double bevel edge protects the ¾” weld in edge from wear and adds strength to the leading edge of the bucket. Wear bars welded to the bottom of the bucket provide strength and protect the bucket from premature wear.
  • Skid Steer Pickup Broom with Water Kit : Blue Diamond Attachments
    Updated video is at

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