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Excavator Concrete Breaker Attachment | Blue Diamond

Excavator Concrete Breaker Attachment | Blue Diamond

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220.00 LBS
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Blue Diamond Excavator Concrete Breaker Attachment

The Excavator Mounted Concrete Breaker Attachment from Blue Diamond is the same tried-and-true innovation and technology customers have come to trust on their skid steer loaders, only with updating mounting options to fit on Mini and Compact Excavators from 1,500 to 29,750 pounds. The Blue Diamond Concrete Breaker features a durable housing with patented Monoblock design, eliminating tie-rods that typically stretch and break over time. Enjoy reliable, trustworthy and powerful concrete breaking operations, the result of years of research and development by Blue Diamond's team of compact equipment experts. The Blue Diamond offering is simple, effective and no-nonsense - as easy to service and maintain as it is powerful. With Excavator mount options for a wide range of machines, there's sure to be a model and mount combination that will suit your application and jobsite needs.

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  • Self-regulating concrete breaker - no need to adjust host machine flow or pressure
  • Monoblock design keeps the breaker strong and secure
  • Average rebuild time of only 30 minutes
  • Body bushings around piston - monoblock protected
  • Noise and vibration drastically reduced thanks to isolation layer between monoblock and case
  • Designed and engineered over 5 years of research and testing
  • Under-water ready
  • Durable and reliable design backed by Blue Diamond warranty
  • Anti-blank firing system with hydraulic brake
  • No tie rods - won't come loose or break
  • 1 accumulator with energy recovery system
  • No re-gassing needed
  • Only 2 internal moving parts for simple and effective operaiton


Maximum Working Pressure is 1,750 PSI on ever Skid Steer Concrete Breaker Model

Blue Diamond Excavator Concrete Breaker Specifications

HB 95 Energy Class:
200 Ft/Lbs
HB 95 Weight:
220 Pounds
HB 95 Maximum Flow:
10.6 GPM
HB 95 Maximum Pressure:
1750 PSI
HB 95 Tool Diameter:
HB 165 Energy Classx:
HB 165 Energy Class=250 Ft/Lbs
HB 165 Weight:
250 Pounds
HB 165 Maximum Flow:
13.0 GPM
HB 165 Maximum Pressure:
1750 PSI
HB 165 Tool Diameter:
Steel Surcharge:

Product Videos

HB 300 Hydraulic Breaker : Blue Diamond Attachments 00:41
  • HB 300 Hydraulic Breaker : Blue Diamond Attachments
    Blue Diamond HB 300 Hydraulic Breaker breaking 14" concrete. This skid steer hammer is a durable tool: no re-gassing necessary, durable Monoblock design (no tie rods to break), and more. Video credit: @RyanCurrie81 on Twitter.

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