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Skid Steer Rotary Tiller Attachment | Haugen

Skid Steer Rotary Tiller Attachment | Haugen

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680.00 LBS

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Haugen Skid Steer Roto-Tiller 

The Haugen Roto Tiller for skid steers is ideal for tilling large areas and can handle the roughest terrain including brushy areas, thick fields, etc.  

It was a long time coming, but due to customer demand, Skid Steer Solutions finally offer an industry-leading Roto-Tiller.

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Model Width and Sizes

  • 52" Model: Overall Width 68"
  • 68" Model: Overall Width 79"
  • 76" Model: Overall Width 87"
  • The overall size should be considered when choosing your tiller as you need to have space when tilling between your rows
  • If you are too wide, you just won't make it

These tillers are bi-directional meaning you can till forwards or backwards. Good practice is to run forward a few times to break up the soil and then the final pass will be backwards so you cannot see any tire marks. If you do not care about tire marks, then just till in the forward direction. The choice is yours. You reverse the motor just by the position of your auxiliary controls. It is just that simple!

680 Pounds
Overall Width:
Usable Width:
Working Depth:
6" Maximum
Tine Rotation:
Direction of Travel:
Forward or Reverse
Number of Tines:
Direct Drive
High Alloy Strength Steel
Hydraulic Flow Requirement:
18 - 35 GPM @ 3000 PSI.
Recommended Loader Size:
Min. 1300 lb. Lift Capacity

Product Videos

Skid Steer Solutions Haugen 76" Rototiller 06:24
  • Skid Steer Solutions Haugen 76" Rototiller
    Skid Steer Solutions gives a demonstration of the Haugen 76" Rototiller. To learn more about this product and more visit this link: Find other great products like this one at: or contact us directly: 1-866-966-2538

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