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Skid Steer Padded Vibratory Roller Attachment | Bradco

Skid Steer Padded Vibratory Roller Attachment | Bradco

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1,630.00 LBS
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Bradco Heavy Duty Skid Steer Padded Vibratory Roller

The Bradco Padded Vibratory Roller for skid steers is a really great attachment. Also known as a sheepsfoot roller, these guys are fantastic for compacting of plastic soils like silt and clay. The feet will penetrate through loose overburden while compacting the targeted sub materials.   

These rollers when compared to any other manufacturer's offerings simply do not compare. An extreme build quality is a necessity when it comes to attachments suited to compacting, and that point was not missed by Bradco. They are hard hitting machines that can deliver up to between 5750 and 9370 lbs. of dynamic force when operating at 20-25 GPM. These commercial duty rollers have hydraulic drives that are protected and isolated to provide maximum performance and reliability. Their versatility makes them highly effective on a wide range of materials including sand, gravel, soils and asphalt.

The steel drum has an adjustable scraper blade between the frame and drum ensuring smooth and uniform compaction performance. The quality of these rollers cannot be understated making them awesome for rental fleets, contractors, landscaping, roadways, walkways, bike paths, golf courses, bridges and parking lots.

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Details and Specifications

Bradco Padded Vibratory Roller Information




1630 lbs - 2455 lbs.
48" - 84"
Roller Type:
Roller Diameter:
5750 lbs - 9370 lbs.
2600 VPM
Max Flow:
25 GPM
steel surcharge:

Product Videos

Bradco Skid Steer Vibratory Roller Attachment | Warehouse Walkthrough 03:33
  • Bradco Skid Steer Vibratory Roller Attachment | Warehouse Walkthrough
    Bringing commercial-grade power to your Skid Steer Loader or Compact Track Loader, the Vibratory Roller Attachment from Bradco excels at delivering maximum dynamic force. This force, combined with the extreme weight of these attachments delivers optimal results for all compacting and smoothing operations. Available in Smooth and Padded models, you'll be sure to get the most out of this attachment once you put it into the field. Watch our Warehouse Walkthrough to learn more about the specifics of this tool, and see the Smooth Vibratory Roller in action. Shop the Bradco Smooth Vibratory Roller at Skid Steer Solutions: Shop the Bradco Padded Vibratory Roller Attachment:
  • Bradco Vibratory Roller Attachment for Skid Steer Loaders and Bobcats

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