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Skid Steer Tire Studs | Eterra

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Skid Steer Tire Studs | Eterra

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Eterra Skid Steer Grip Star Studs for Rubber Tires and Tracks

The Grip Star Studs for skid steer tires are ideal for icy conditions and winter traction. 

The original Grip Studs have been a monumental success. So much that they are being copied everywhere. Customers have asked for more so INS Traction has come up with their Grip Stars which are even more aggressive. Being more aggressive is a great thing except when working on fancy driveways. Make sure you are not working on anything that cannot be scratched as these will leave marks, but if you need something that will keep you safe on the iciest of roadways, then there is only one stud to use - Grip Stars. Grip Star Studs are designed specifically for heavy equipment. Many people have tried for years to use screws or ice racing studs on there skid steer loaders and CTL machines just to get some kind of temporary traction. The results have been mixed. 

The hardest thing to overcome is wear. Screws just are not hard enough to last any time at all and when they wear out, they are stuck in your tire. With no head on them, they will work their way into your tire and eventually pop it. Ice racing studs work for a while but have small carbide inserts that just do not last. Their cost is similar to our price, but the actual amount of carbide is much less. You may as well just buy a product that is made the way you need it.

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Grip Star Studs use a screw in design with a hex head and a flat base that holds the large carbide out and able to bite in the toughest conditions. These studs will not tear out of your tire or track. As the carbide wears, you are still left with a head to remove and replace the studs when needed. This will be a very long time just because of the amount of wear that these studs are designed to take. Some Grip star Studs have achieved 600 hours and can still be removed and used again. Now that is value!

Insertion is easy using just a powered screw driver and a plain old socket. Removal is just as easy. You will find that you can get more than one season out of these studs as they are completely reusable. 

It is the customers responsibility to measure the correct depth or you may damage your tires.

Correct Installation

  • Use a low torque driver at fairly slow speed
  • Screw the stud in until the washer (underside) makes contact with the rubber visually
  • Go no more that 1/2 turn past that point.
  • We recommend using 30mm or 1" studs for skid steer or compact loader installations because of the amount of tearing action the machines can produce when turning. It is your responsibility to measure and order the correct length to insure they cannot pull out. It they are too short, they will pull out.

Basic Installation Rules

Never fit a stud that is too long for the tread depth, i.e. an 18 mm stud requires a 17 mm tread depth. 3 mm of the stud should be raised above the tire surface, which gives a margin of 2 mm down to the cord. The thickness of the cord varies between 4 and 20 mm depending on the tire type. 
To achieve optimal results, count the number of contact patches on the tire and make a strategy for fitting the studs. We are currently stocking only 30mm studs as they are the heaviest duty for this application. They have the largest carbide tip and will last longer than the smaller studs. It is up to you to verify that this length will work in your application.

Grip Star Studs are easily fitted and dismounted using a simple socket. No special tooling is required for Grip Stars.


Studs are designed to add traction to your tires by adding a solid bite to your tires/tracks. This bite can easily break through snow and ice and scratch the base surface. In the case of a driveway, these scratches will leave marks. Care must be taken not to skid turn on important surfaces where you do not want to leave a mark. This means, if you do not want to scratch your clients driveway, you need to be careful or do not use studs. In most cases these marks are not permanent and will just was or wear away after a few rain storms. Please note that Skid Steer Solutions or our stud manufacturer do not assume any liability with how you use this product.


3 lbs.
1" Length

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Studding Tires for Skid Steer Loader - Snow Studs
  • Studding Tires for Skid Steer Loader - Snow Studs

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