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Skid Steer TDF Super Series Rubber Tracks | McLaren

Skid Steer TDF Super Series Rubber Tracks | McLaren

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McLaren TDF Super Series Rubber Tracks for Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders

The NextGen TDF super series rubber tracks are developed specifically for track loaders doing extra heavy duty work. These rubber tracks are designed to handle and thrive under the work load and abuse of the most powerful track loaders on the toughest and most abrasive job sites and locations. 

The McLaren TDF Tracks feature a multiple lugs per pitch profile together with double offset tread pattern,  minimizing vibration to deliver a smoother ride. The TDF rubber track uses CCQS™ (Crack and Cut Quarantine System), a series of narrowly spaced lug-bars that contain the growth of any accidental cut or crack. By preventing the spread of the surface damage, CCQS contributes noticeably for a longer service life.


  • With 20% more rubber
  • TDF Super Series has multiple lugs per pitch profile
  • Designed to carry the load of the machine at maximum engine capacity
  • SpoolRite Belting Technology: a single jointless non-overlapping continuous steel belt. This technology consists of one single continuous steel cable with no joint connection and thus with no weak point prone to track brake. Specifically developed for track loaders, McLaren's SpoolRite™ belting technology provides the industry's strongest track structure.
  • Crack and Cut Quarantine System: a series of narrowly spaced lug-bars that contain the growth of any accidental cut or crack.

How to read your track sizes:

  1. The first number is the track width in millimeters (320 mm = about 12.5", 450 mm = about 17.5")
  2. The second number is the pitch length or distance between the top of one tread/link to the next
  3. The third number is the total number of treads/links
320 mm / 450 mm
Track Pitch Length:
86 mm
Track Total Links Options:
47 mm, 49 mm, 50 mm, 52 mm, 53 mm, 55 mm, 56 mm, 58 mm, 60 mm

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