[New Video] Dymax partners with SkidSteerSolutions.com to offer a full-line of Skid Steer Tree Shears

[New Video] Dymax partners with SkidSteerSolutions.com to offer a full-line of Skid Steer Tree Shears

Posted by Jorden Leib on 21st Dec 2018

Dymax Tree Shears

Our promise to our customers is that we will always strive to be the one honest place they can find the best attachments for their business and at reasonable prices. When you need a new tool, or your attachment just isn't cutting it... There are products like those from Dymax Inc. being added to SkidSteerSolutions.com. 

We're excited to be offering these amazing attachments from Dymax, check out some photos below of the 14" Timberwolf Tree Shear that we used in our Overview + Demonstration video.

[Check Out the Full Video!]

At the top of everyone's tree shearing list (if you own a Skid Steer or larger compact excavator) is the Tree Shear with the Accumulator. Dymax has been manufacturing these for the greater part of this decade and we're thrilled with the design. Here are some things we liked about this "Beast of an Attachment". This is the Timberwolf Forestry Tree Shear from Dymax

1. It's HEAVY.

- The gussets are an abundance and in the right places to support heavy loads and the stresses of the job.

- The steel construction is well ahead of most tree shears we've had our hands and eyes on.

- The components are oversized, which means the cylinders are even more impressive.

2. It's a Simple and Intelligent Design

- The Timberwolf Tree Shear uses no electronics. After you've engaged your hydraulics, a shuttle valve allows you to turn the grapple on and grab the tree securely, and then the shears turn off after the grapple has closed. 

- No electronics, and a beastly construction means your machine isn't going to be out of work because a branch or tree limb hooked them or they simply malfunction out in the woods.

3. Dymax stands behind the Timberwolf product line.

- We've suffered tracks falling off in the field, hydraulic lines being busted and we've always had a point of contact at Dymax to assist us. They are great family owned company, and you can tell they care about their products. If you decide to purchase a Dymax Timberwolf Tree Shear, you can count on SkidSteerSolutions.com and Dymax to provide you the support you need.

Learn more about Dymax Products - Click Here

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