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Skid Steer Rotary Tiller Attachment | Skid Steer Basics - Demo Unit

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Skid Steer Rotary Tiller Attachment | Skid Steer Basics - Demo Unit

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770.00 LBS

Skid Steer Basics 72" Rotary Tiller Attachment - Demo Unit 

Closeout of the Skid Steer Basics Rotary Tiller, a reliable option for tilling large areas of compacted or overgrown soil and turning it into fluffy, mixed soil, ready to be planted and looking great for landscaping projects. The 72" tilling width allows you to cover a huge amount of ground in very little time, and the solid build (see specifications) allows it to handle rough terrain including rocky soil, or brush and heavy weeds. The bidirectional design allows you to till moving forwards or in reverse - many operators will do an initial forward pass to break up the soil and then reverse over the area to provide a clean finish, without leaving tire tracks. Requiring 14-24 GPM, a protected direct drive motor and heavy tines churn earth 6" below grade. 

This tiller has what it takes to till your land year after year without issue. 


  • 72" tilling width
  • 6" tilling depth
  • Bidirectional design
  • Direct Drive Motor
  • Requires 14-24 GPM flow
  • Solid A50 Steel build
Tilling Width:
Overall Width:
Tilling Depth:
Mount Material:
5/16" A50 Steel
Frame Material:
1/4" A50 Steel
Sides Material:
1/2" A50 Steel
Motor Type:
Direct Drive
Recommended Flow Rating:
14-24 GPM

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