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Skid Steer Breaker Style Post Driver Attachment | Eterra

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670.00 LBS
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The Breaker Post Driver (BPD) Attachment for Skid Steer Loaders

*Product Options* Default pricing is for the ET-BPD-750 model, please use the "Product Options" tab to select the 1250 ft. lb. model of the Breaker Post Driver. Contact us if you have any questions!

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We are now in full production of 2 models.  The BPD-750 features 750 ft. lbs. of force while the BPD-1250 provides a whopping 1250 ft. lbs.  All made in America!  Another Eterra product you will be proud to own.

Eterra created this Breaker style of post driver over a decade ago with the PD-550.  Since then, competitors have cheapened the design more and more by introducing Chinese power cells so that they could be just a few dollars less than Eterra's Made in America versions.  Eterra uses only Arrowhead power cells that are made in Barstow, California.
With that said, we are proud to introduce the Breaker Post Driver Attachment for Skid Steer Loaders.  This driver is built in the USA using original OEM supplied Arrowhead Rockdrill power cells from Barstow, California.  We have worked closely with Arrowhead Rockdrill for over a decade to develop some of the best post drivers for skid steer loaders. All of the features of the others but made in America quality with support from one of the top design and manufacturers found anywhere.  Our specialty is attachments, and we have the people, the facilities, the resources and the quality to offer our customers before and after the sale.  The closest competition has so many issues with the design and the off-shore sources that we cannot even go there. 
The Breaker Post Driver is the most efficient way to use your skid steer or excavator to drive posts.  It uses very few moving parts to insure a power drive to the post head and a safe operation for both the operator and any bystanders.  If you own a skid steer and want to drive posts, then this is the driver for you.  If you own an excavator, use the "Product Options" tab to add an excavator mount.  We can build the mounts for you or you can supply them yourself.  Either way, the plain and simple choice is to buy the Washington Post Driver and keep your $$ in the USA.
How Does It Work? 
Employing a nitrogen gas back head as the energy store, the piston is lifted directly into the gas using the hydraulic oil from the loader hydraulics. As the piston reaches the top of the stroke the hydraulic oil is permitted to exit the hammer allowing the nitrogen gas to decompress and driving the piston to the bottom of the stroke forcefully impacting the working tool. 

When tested on our full sized machines, we could fit an 11 foot post into the drive unit.  This should work effectively for most of our customer's requirements.  The drive power is unheard of and the safety is a nice feature.  No external moving parts flying around while you use it.  Just a Nitrogen charged internal drive head. These skid steer and excavator post drivers are simple and effective and second to none.
We have specialty tools and accessories coming soon to deliver even more power and flexibility.  These tools are only things that a true attachment manufacturer can provide.  Check out the rest, then buy from the best.
Ask the competitors where their drivers are made.  Pretty good chance they come from China. 

2017 Update.  Our first competitor in Montana started using the same power cell as us but then quickly changed to the Chinese cells to save money.  Now all of the new competition has been using the same Chinese originating drivers and tools and they have been failing miserably. A tough lesson learned for the customers who depended on these tools.  The Eterra tools are 100% USA made in California using select USA steel and Eterra has never had one failure.  You can take that to the bank.  Here are actual customer photos of the Chinese manufactured copies of the Eterra drivers.  According the the manufacturer, all of them are failing and they don't know why.  WE DO!  That is why ours don't fail.  By the time all of these manufacturers clean up this mess with their customers, most of them will be out of business.  When you see a driver head that looks like this, you can tell it is NOT made by Eterra.

20170327-064650.jpg 20170327-064701.jpg imag0135.jpg  
imag0131.jpg imag0134.jpg img-0601.jpg  
Some people have asked why the Washington based Breaker Post driver is not the same depth or as cheap as the others.  Without teaching our competitors too much of what is wrong with their design.  We know skid steers and how to build attachments.  The closer the attachment is to the mount plate, the more down pressure you can place on the post.  Apply power and you get a more effective impact with the same rated driver. 
Here's our observation about our competitors Chinese drivers.  Parts and support are a nightmare.  Most of the companies that pop up, quickly go away when they have issues because the drivers are impossible to support.  They never meet the specifications that they claim. For proof, just measure the diameter of the drivers built offshore.  They use an output shaft on their bigger units that are the same size as our smaller drivers.  That is not a coincidence.  They simply don't deliver the power that they claim.  If you are shopping around, it is important to ask these questions.  Finally check out the warranties.  We provide a no nonsense TWO year warranty backed by one of the most successful skid steer attachment companies found anywhere.  If they provide a warranty they will be covering it for an Asian manufacturer that is happy to dump the products on you and let you deal with it.  How about parts?  We stock parts in Washington and in California.  Where will you buy parts for your Chinese post driver?  Stick with the original American Post Driver.  It's the real deal. 
Another thing you will notice is that theirs uses a non-isolated capture system.  This makes their attachment a lot harder on your machine pins and quick attach.  The few dollars you save are really going to cost you in the long run.  Right now, there are two and maybe three companies dumping Chinese drivers onto the US and Canadian market as well as Australia.  We mastered this technology over a decade ago.  They just tried to copy and cheapen it.  In this case, you really will get what you pay for and boy is it going to cost you.
670 - 920 lbs.
Impulse Force [(Ft. Lbs.) (750 | 1250)]:
750 - 1250
Driver Head (In):
8 Coned Style
High Alloy Strength Steel
Hydraulic Flow Requirement (GPM) )(750, 1250):
10-15, 12-26
Recommended Machines:
Min. 1300 lb. Lift Capacity Loaders
Cup Sizes (In):
Up to 8" Coned Cup
Driver Height (In):
Skid Steer Main Pin Height Plus 4
Charge Pressure PSI (750 | 1250):
260, 350

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Skid Steer Solutions, Inc. offers a 2-Year warranty on all post driver products. Please visit our warranty page to learn more!

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