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EX-30 Excavator Flail Mower | Eterra

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Eterra EX-30: Mini Excavator Heavy Duty Brush Mower

The Eterra EX-30 Heavy Duty Brush Mower for skid steers is ideal for clearing brush from roadsides, ditches, driveways, fields, and much more. 

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This flail brush mower is for backhoes and excavators from 7500 lbs. to 14,000 lbs., the Raptor EX-30 operates efficiently on hydraulic flows from 13 - 25 GPM. With cutting capacities up to 4 inch material, this mower ROCKS! At 440 lbs. the EX-30 is strong enough for the toughest projects, yet light enough for many smaller machines to operate effectively. A lot of effort has gone into using the right materials to make this mower lighter than other mowers in it 's class to reduce your swing weight and keep you cutting in all conditions. Not just level and flat. With our lower weight, you can easily work side hills and not fear your going to tip your machine. But don't worry, we still use top quality materials and the finest design to insure you have a mower that will last and last. We back this up with our no hassle, 1 year warranty that puts the others to shame.

All of our drive systems have been proven to be strong and reliable. We use a 2 lb. blade just like the other guys and premium Permco USA motors. Our welding and machining is exceptional. Fit and function, OUTSTANDING! Many of these have been sold in the USA, Canada and Australia. We would be happy to supply you with references upon request. Our customers are our best salesmen.

With the compact flail design, you will be able to access the smallest of properties and mow small brush, berry bushes and grass into a fine mulch which leaves you with virtually no clean-up.

The Eterra EX-30 is built from lightweight and strong materials. The cutter shaft is electronically balanced for the most efficient operation and longest operating life in it's class. If you are looking for the best in show, then Eterra Raptor mowers have it hands down.

Please note that the EX-30 comes with a blank universal mounting plate. The customer is responsible for mounting the specific coupler required for your excavator. Due to the high speed and pressures involved, a case drain line is required to operate this implement in some cases if your machine produces too much back pressure. A case drain is a low pressure line that travels from the mower head back to your oil reservoir. It allows pressure to be directed away from the motor seals and back to your oil tank. Check with us to see if your machine requires a case drain line.

Why are we less expensive than the other guys? It's simple. All Eterra products are produced in high volumes directly in our facilities in Bellingham, Washington and sold directly on the web. We do not start building these one at a time when you place your order. We also do not use dealers. The other guys add 25 - 40% to allow dealers to sell their mowers. That is not how we do business. We believe the best way to sell our products is directly with to our customers. We sell it, and we support it. This means you save serious money by dealing directly. 

Something else to note about our competitors.  Many of them make comparisons to our mowers that theirs are heavier.  If you know anything about these mowers, that makes no sense.  We design for maximum strength for the machine weights specified so that you get an effective mower that won't flip your machine.  If we knew nothing about design, we could just add steel and call it a day, but that would short change our customers.  Adding steel does not make a good mower.  It adds unnecessary weight that can endanger the operator.  Others are now using a metal spring disk as a dampener where we use a water jet cut rubber disk.  We have 15 years experience with this design and not one failure or replacement due to wear.  Our system is proven to last and is lighter and quieter.  We are waiting to see how long it will be before they have to change their design as their mowers are just too heavy, use a higher parts count, operate more noisily, and the replacement disks cost $1400 where if you ever needed one ouf ours, they are less than $100.  Good design always wins. If you want good design, buy Eterra.  If you want weight and un-necessary parts, then buy theirs.

Our Cutter Shaft:

We use 5" DOM Tubing for our cutter shafts to insure a strong and long wearing product. We do not use steel pipe like the other guys. We cut it ourselves and construct one of the toughest shafts available. Then we electronically balance it so when our flail is operating, it is hard to tell. No shaking from side to side or up and down. This is just another step that we add to make our mowers much better than the other guys. Our goal is to produce the best possible product and deliver it to you in the most economical manner. The Internet!

What is DOM? Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM)

Strong and well-finished DOM is an electric resistance welded tube tested for soundness of weld and drawn through a die and over a mandrel. This process imparts significantly improved mechanical properties to the tube, due to the cold working process. It is considered a high quality tube, and is normally constructed from SAE 1020 or 1026 steel. Note that, technically DOM refers to the process by which the tube is finished after having started as an ERW tube. Technically, DOM is not a type of steel tube, but rather a process. As so often happen though - in common use the term has become accepted to mean a specific type of tubing rather than a process. In this case, when people say "DOM" they normally mean an ERW tube drawn over a mandrel at (close to) room temperature and made from SAE 1020 steel. It is normally drawn to O.D. and I.D. dimensions. Here is what the Steel Tube Institute of North America has to say about DOM:

The manufacturing process for DOM tubing begins with coils of steel, which are slit to the proper width for the desired tube size. The strip is cold formed and passed through an electric resistance welder which joins the edges together, under pressure, to complete the tubular shape. After testing the weld's integrity, the tubing is cut to length for further processing.

The cold-drawing process creates a uniform, precision product with substantially improved tolerances, surface finish and tensile strength, increased hardness and good machine-ability. In this process, the tube is cleaned and annealed, and one end of each length is squeezed to a point so it can be gripped by the drawing mechanism. The tube is then drawn through one or more dies and over mandrels. This reduces the diameter of the tube and thins its walls to the required dimensions in a controlled fashion to provide the qualities desired in the finished product. Metallurgic-ally, drawing improves the tube's concentric, tensile strength, hardness and machine-ability. Close dimensional accuracy is achieved through tight control of both outside and inside diameters.

Our competitors have been brutal with their comments about our mowers. Check with us for a list of satisfied customers. We offer a no nonsense warranty. 1 year, full replacement with no questions asked. If it fails, we take care of it. We have a full parts selection in stock. No one will offer you this. Others usually make you send the unit back for testing which will cost you serious down time.


  • Safely cuts and mulches up to 6” material
  • Bolt on mount plate
  • High strength steel housing
  • Direct drive system (Reduced Wear Parts)
  • Electronically balanced cutter shaft
  • Safety Impact OSHA Safety Orange Powder Coat Finish
  • Wire proof wear cone Standard
  • 1 year warranty on parts and labor
  • Case drain line provided if needed.
  • Made in the USA.

***Case drain not required for Bobcat, John Deere, YanmarKubotaCaterpillar or Case Excavators.

Note:  Every excavator is different.  Many machines (Especially older models) use only two pumps.  One to control your stick and rotation.  One for track drive and auxilliary flow (your mower).  For machines that have this type of pump arrangement, it is not possible to drive the machine forward and cut at the same time.  You will need to drive forward, stop and then sweep back and forth for cutting.  For operators with newer machines like Kubota and any Yanmar, you have three pumps so you can drive and cut at the same time.


440 lbs.
Cutting Path Width:
DOM Cutter Shaft:
5" x 1/2" Wall with 3/8" Towers
Skid Shoes:
AR500 (Replaceable)
Hydraulic Hoses:
85" with 1/2" Flat Faced Couplers
Cutting Capacity:
Up to 6"
Flail Knives:
20 x 2.25 lb. Blades
Hydraulic Flow Requirement:
13-25 GPM @ 3000 PSI
Cutter Shaft Rotation Speed:
1800-2000 RPM

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