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Anti-Theft Device | Eterra

Anti-Theft Device | Eterra

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EZ-Lock Digital Remote Plug & Play Anti-Theft System

Another innovative and dynamic product from Eterra Attachents. Learn more about the EZ-Lock Anti-Theft System from the inventor himself, the owner of Eterra. Read Eterra's product description and product features, directly from the source, below.

From the Owner of Eterra and Inventor of the EZ-Lock Anti-Theft System

Most of our competitors pick off a lot of our work and steal it for themselves.  Just like our customers, we are victims too so we feel your pain.  We work with some pretty smart people that try to come up with ways to create items that are helpful for our customers.  Well, this is one of those incredible products.  The EZ-Lock System 1 is simple, effective and inexpensive.

We do not want to give too much away to competitors or thieves so we will not give out the technical details, but what we will tell you is this.  We have a simple product that takes about 10 minutes to install.  Once installed it will control either your fuel or starting circuit. It contains a digital proximity circuit that requires you to have the FOB within 10 - 30 feet of the control detector. If you are within this range, the circuit can be activated, and allow the machine to be started. If no code is sent, when the key is turned the machine will not start. The base product ships with 3 simple to use control devices. 2 single button and 1 wireless 4 digit PIN pad. The machine operator needs to send the authorization code to start the machine. If you forget, loose, or break the personal FOB's, we have another solution. Your wireless PIN pad is mounted inside the machine. Simply enter the 4 digit code and the machine will be ready to operate.  Never have to worry about down time due to a lost or broken fob. Control 1 machine or hundreds!


  • Most machines require just a plug in installation
  • Inexpensive with no monthly monitoring fees.  Cheaper by the dozen so contact us for bulk orders and programming.
  • Will not allow your machine to be started if the FOB is not within 10 - 30 feet
  • Works on one machine or several.  You can easily control an entire fleet with the same FOB.
  • Millions of digital codes make sure the system cannot be cracked
  • 3 Types of control FOB's available
    • 4 digit PIN device
    • One touch remote
    • Motion activated
  • High Tech and trouble free
  • Only YOUR operators can start YOUR machine

We know this product is a winner. We stand behind it like we do all of the items we sell. We are so sure you will be thrilled with this item that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not like it or it does not do what we promise, we will take it back and even pay the freight. It does not get any simpler. We are not a simple internet dealer like most. We manufacture solutions for skid steer loaders and other equipment. Our goal is to be a partner with you to help you with your needs. Contact us if there is some special programming requirements that you may want.  We can probably do it. Please let us know the make/model/year of your machine when purchasing so we can ensure that the correct one is shipped to you!

This is the first in a series of products we are working on to stamp out theft. Intellectual theft costs us money. Machinery theft costs you money. We feel your pain!  Try our EZ-Lock system and save yourself a lot of grief when your machine goes missing. Check with your insurance company. You may be able to receive a discount for using a passive disarming system on your machine. If you self-insure your machines, this product could easily pay for itself with one prevented theft! Your insurance provider may give a discount for having EZ-Lock installed.

5 lbs.

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