What Makes a Skid Steer Boom Arm Mower Attachment So Great!

Posted by Jorden on 9th Feb 2016

Raptor Skid Steer Boom Arm Attachment for Ditch and Roadside Mowing

The skid steer side boom arm is another great tool for the loader who does a lot of mowing along a highway or just any side road. This arm will help secure contracts with local county highway departments because of its unique ability to allow your loader to mow along the side of the road that have embankments your loader can’t travel down. It has the unique capability to allow for your mower attachments to mow both horizontally and vertically as well as keep your loader out of the mowing path. Call it a reach tool to get the job done right the first time.

For those vertical cutting jobs, the skid steer side boom arm can easily attach a sickle bar mower to it and follow along the side of a road, cutting down the wild growth from trees and brush that hover over the road. It will attach both the 7 and 9-foot sickle bar mowers and makes for a quick and easy job on your loader.

Click here to view the Raptor Boom Arm Mower Attachment Image Gallery

This skid steer attachment can also be used in conjunction with a boom mounted flail mower. Of course, that is for the jobs that have the extreme brush and roadside growth. Just attach it to your boom arm and you can offset your cutting path and drive along the side of the road while the mower devours the wild growth in no time. The skid steer boom arm just makes it all look easy. Even the string trimmer can easily be attached to the side boom arm and used flawlessly.

Click here to view the Sidewinder Flail Mower Head

This skid steer attachment is most commonly used for mowing projects, but with a mini universal adapter, it can be used with a wide variety of mini skid steer universal attachments such as a roto-tiller or an auger. This makes it just another reason skid steer attachments are so widely known as the best and most efficient tools for all loader projects.

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