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Aggressor Tree Auger Bit | Pengo

Aggressor Tree Auger Bit | Pengo

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Pengo Aggressor Tree Auger Bit

The pengo tree auger is designed for creating the necessary hole for planting and growing plants. With its dual stage cutting profile it provides a stepped hole designed to fit the root ball while providing the necessary clearance for backfilling. Combined with its ability to change the pilot and teeth to accommodate light rock/permafrost soil conditions.

Picking the correct aggressor tree auger bit:

1st: Determining the width of the hole

  • All tree augers are two stages.  For example, the 18" is going to be the width of the hole.
  • The cut diameter is 1-1/2" larger than auger diameter.

2nd: Which hub type is right for you?

  • Depending on your auger attachment you will consider the 2" hex or the 2-9/16 " round.  
Flight Thickness:
Hub Material:
Cast Alloy Steel
Teeth Features:
40/50 Degree Dual Angle Teeth w/ 3-point Lock & Bolt Fasteners
Pilot Bit Features:
TriFlow 350 Bit with 3 drill points for longer wear

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