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7200 High Flow Skid Steer Brush Cutter Attachment | Brush Wolf - Demo Unit!

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7200 High Flow Skid Steer Brush Cutter Attachment | Brush Wolf - Demo Unit!

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1,224.00 LBS

Brush Wolf 7200 High Flow Skid Steer Brush Cutter - Demo Unit!

The 7200 Brush Cutter from Brush Wolf is paired with the correct hydraulic motor and right angle gearbox to achieve the highest torque available from your equipment while maintaining a proven tip speed ideal for brush cutting applications. Power, performance and reliability are built-in. It is important to know the auxiliary hydraulic flow in gallons per minute, as well as the cutting diameter you’d prefer, which should be slightly wider than your loaders wheel base. The balanced stump jumper keeps you moving and prevents vibration. A welded collar on the bottom of the deck helps prevent weeds and wire from damaging the gearbox. Galvanized 5/16″ safety chains on the front and rear protect against flying debris and aid in mulching. The front chains are replaceable. The solid one piece of formed 1/4″ steel deck will stand up to your workload for years to come. You’ll have exceptional performance because each Brush Wolf model has been engineered with the right motor and gearbox to optimize the full capacity of your operating equipment.


7200 High Flow 

  • Operating Equipment: Skid Steer Loader
  • Max Cutting Capacity: 6"
  • Cutting Width: 72"
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow: 26-40 GPM
  • Weight: 1,224 lbs
  • Overall Length: 84.250"
  • Overall Width: 73.750"
  • Blades: (2) .500'' x 4.000" (High Strength, Updraft)
  • Blade Carrier Type: 1.000'' Bar Welded to .313" Spun Formed Pan
  • Blade Rotation: Counter Clockwise

All models are designed, fabricated, powder coated, assembled and tested in Crosslake, Minnesota. Each Brush Wolf model comes standard with hoses, couplers and gearbox seal guard included. Three year warranty on the structural steel and 18 months on the hydraulic motor. Experience the power, performance and reliability from Brush Wolf products. Designed to exceed your expectations. 

7200 Model Cut Width:
7200 LF Hydraulic Flow:
15-20 GPM
7200 SF Hydraulic Flow:
21-25 GPM
7200 HF Hydraulic Flow:
26-40 GPM
Deck Thickness:
Number of Blades:

Product Videos

Brush Wolf 7200 HF Skid Steer Brush Cutter Overview+Demo | Skid Steer Solutions 06:19
  • Brush Wolf 7200 HF Skid Steer Brush Cutter Overview+Demo | Skid Steer Solutions
    In this video, Nate from goes over the features and benefits of the 7200 high flow brush cutter from Brush Wolf. Their industry-leading high standards in construction, reliability, and safety make them the leaders in the pack. These brush cutters are built to withstand rough terrain while performing in some of the most inhospitable environments. Check-out the incredible demo footage where the 7200 high flow brush cutter mows through brush, grass, and saplings up to 6 inches. Brush Wolf 7200 HF Brush Cutter: Brush Wolf Attachments: Thank you for watching, and if you're interested in learning more about us and our products, just visit our website! Meet the faces and hands behind Skid Steer Solutions: Did you know we're a proud supporter of Monster Energy Supercross Racers?

The Warranty Claim Form must be completed in full detail and received in good condition. Cross-Tech
Manufacturing, Inc. limits it warranty to the hydraulic motor and gearbox for a period of one (1) year
from the original date of sale. A three (3) year warranty is included on the structural steel from the date
of sale.

A Warranty Registration Form for this equipment must exist before warranty claims will be valid. If a defect in a Cross-Tech Manufacturing product is discovered during the applicable warranty period, CrossTech will repair or replace, at its discretion the motor, gearbox or defective part. Cross-Tech Manufacturing, Inc. purchased components are subject to the original manufacturer‰Ûªs warranty.
The equipment owner is responsible for proper maintenance. If the product is not maintained, all warranties by Cross-Tech Manufacturing will be null and void. Any modification to the product other than
those made by Cross-Tech Manufacturing will cause this warranty to be void; including any modification
or disassembly of motors, gearbox, etc.

This warranty does not extend to repairs, adjustments, or replacement of a Cross-Tech product or part
that results from misuse, negligence, alteration, modification, tampering, improper maintenance or
improper operation of the product. Claims submitted must be legible and in good condition. Cross-Tech
does not cover service mileage, downtime or replacement of the attachment.

If a problem arises during the warranty period please contact your your dealer. The warranty is null
and void if the product is modified or repaired without written consent from Cross-Tech Manufacturing.
Cross-Tech units used in rental fleets are covered with a ninety (90) day warranty on the hydraulic motor, gearbox, and structural steel with a valid warranty registration on file within thirty (30) days of the
purchase date.

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